It’s just too beautiful T^T

You are an ocean of waves, weaving a dream,

Like thoughts become a river stream
Yet may the tide ever change, flowing like time
To the path, yours to climb

Thou seek the light with an outstretched hand
A divine blade lies before you,
So command the wake of dreams
To restore the world, cut ‘way the seams

Join in our prayer, in our song of birthrights and love
Come the sun, illuminate the sky
Pray that we may quell the dark – Light take the throne
Lost in thoughts all alone

Hitori Omou (English cover)
By LeeandLie

It’s a song featured in Fire Emblem Fates. Which is a game I could never play cuz I’ll never buy a Nintendo. I can’t go and buy a console for evey damn game I want!!!

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